Wamboin Community Association

Wamboin Weather

by the Robertsons and various other contributors

Local weather stations range from the more to the somewhat less sophisticated, and there is a regular, lively exchange within the local 'weather watching' community whenever we experience extreme weather events. Over the past 10 years or so, rainfall has rated as such an event, leading to friendly competition amongst local weather watchers to see who receives the highest rainfall. The participants are quick to scotch any suggestion that this behaviour might in any way compromise the objectivity of the exercise, but it must be said that disparaging remarks about the quality of some pieces of 'weather monitoring equipment' are not rare...

While we go about preparing more detailed records, the following is a summary of the regular readings provided by the Robertsons, in The Whisper each month. The Robertsons have been recording local weather details for 35 years.

The following is a record of the highest and lowest monthly temperatures (°C) recorded since 1976, and the dates on which those temperatures were recorded.

19-Jan-986 X08-Mar-8303-Apr-863 X2 X31-Jul-8231-Aug-8218-Sep-8727-Oct-973 X21-Dec-99
2-Jan-0317-Feb-9828-Mar-992 X28-May-0109-Jun-9610-Jul-9609-Aug-9704-Sep-00Several X01-Nov-9809-Dec-99

The Average annual rainfall since 1976 is 687.6 mm and the following is a record of the average, highest and lowest monthly rainfall (mm) recorded in that time, and the years in which the extremes were recorded.