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Saturday 17 September 2022

Wamboin Home Produce Market

The monthly Produce Market is back again after its winter break, at the Wamboin Community Hall, 9.00 am 'til noon.

Come along to our market in May. Variety of stalls, including lots of fresh fruit & vegies, healthy juices, coffee, egg & bacon rolls, jewellery, cards, lollies, dried fruits & nuts, cakes, sausage rolls, quiches, craft, knitting, preserves, and more. See you there!

The Fire Shed will also be open, and members of the Wamboin RFS will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have relating to preparing for the early onset of the fire season.


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Over recent years, our community and those across South Eastern NSW have experienced challenges such as bushfire, drought and COVID-19. Many of us, including our friends and neighbours have had strong emotional and physical reactions during and after these events. Recent experience across NSW has shown that with the increasing frequency and scale of natural disasters and extreme weather events community led responses are sometimes the only and often the most effective.

Resilience NSW have recognised the need to strengthen rural communities through small value grants to support social networks and disaster preparedness. For our region, the Bywong and Wamboin Building Community Resilience Program will look to draw together and build upon two important local resources, our Greenway walks and FireWise groups. Both of these resources provide community linkages, education and safety that help us to support each other when times are tough. The program will also offer community leadership and skills development to help volunteers lead public walks, be a FireWise convener or assist the community in other ways.

Our Project Officer, Amanda Jones, is now on board and is pulling together the program events schedule.

Want to know more?

Keep an eye out in local media and community Facebook pages each month for our articles on upcoming events.

If you would like to find out more about the program as we roll it out by receiving an email direct to your inbox, or have ideas/feedback about Greenway walks or the FireWise groups please get in touch via email or our website.

Thank you to those that have already registered your interest in this important work.


The Bywong and Wamboin Community Resilience Program will be running a FREE community leadership and mentoring program to support people that are interested in helping out in their community (but maybe weren’t sure how) and those currently volunteering and looking to learn new skills.

Volunteering can make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Our region is home to a broad range of groups led by dedicated volunteers and this program will help you understand the opportunities available in your community, take the mystery away from what volunteering involves, show how you can use your skills to participate, and teach you new skills that would support volunteering and/or your work or study!

The leadership and mentoring program is open to Bywong and Wamboin residents including those who are new to the region. We want to help you and our community to build capacity and resilience. While the program is currently being finalised, it will include facilitated small group discussions and mentoring to:

  • build confidence
  • develop practical strategies for working in, communicating with and managing a group
  • understand administrative elements of not-for-profit organisations.

Tailored skills development will also focus on coaching and support for people who would like to become Greenway walk organisers and/or FireWise conveners including:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • the administrative and procedural elements of these roles (user friendly ‘tip sheets’)
  • development of conversational podcasts with current walk leaders and FireWise convenors to assist participants and the wider community.
Opportunities to Join

We would like to hear your ideas and registering your interest would support us in finalising the program. Delivery will be flexible with events proposed for September 2022 and February 2023. You can register at www.resilientbywongwamboin.net/join.

For further information please contact Amanda Jones at


DO YOU KNOW THAT IN AN EMERGENCY for safe access and egress to properties, Rural Fire Service Fire tankers need:

  • minimum road/driveway access 3.5m wide and 3.5m high
  • drains, culverts and bridges that are able to support approximately 13.7 tonnes, and
  • access to a 17.5m turning circle.

Firefighters will not access a property unless they know that they can also safely EXIT!

COMMUNITY FIREWISE GROUPS (established in 2012) are a community resilience activity in the Bywong and Wamboin region for local people who want to access:

  • community fire emergency resources
  • fast exchange of local fire emergency information
  • support and help with their preparations for fire emergencies
  • greater understanding of personal emergency awareness and safety, and
  • improved chances of preserving their property and other assets against fire.

COMMUNITY FIREWISE GROUP COVENORS play an important role bringing together small, localised groups of residents to improve resilience to fire in their local area. Conveners don’t need firefighting qualifications or experience only a willingness to focus local fire prevention and preparedness activities and foster community connection. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Community FireWise Group Convener please contact wamboinsec@gmail.com or visit the Wamboin Rural Fire Brigade table at the Wamboin markets.

The BUILDING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE PROGRAM are also inviting people who are interested in volunteering opportunities to participate in the free STEP UP AND STEP OUT program. We want to help you and our community to build capacity and resilience through facilitated small group discussions and mentoring to build confidence and develop practical strategies for working in, communicating with and managing a group. You can register your interest at www.resilientbywongwamboin.net/join.



The Building Community Resilience program are supporting themed Greenways Walks and community get-togethers throughout Spring 2022.

18 September
23 October
19 November
Guest speakers will discuss birds in our local area and caring for injured wildlife. Preventing loss of valuables and personal items in a disaster. Bring your dog and learn about responsible dog ownership in rural areas.

Commencing at 10am from the Bywong Hall along Greenway 1, through Birchmans Grove to the dam on Birchmans Creek and return to the hall for scones and a cuppa!

For people who prefer not to walk drawing classes will be held in the hall. Please contact John-Pierre jsfavre@gmail.com. Max 15 people.
Commencing at 10am from the Bywong Hall to Millpost Hill along Greenways 1,3 and 4 and return.

Bywong Community Association will host a FREE BBQ lunch. All welcome.
Meeting at 9am at the Wamboin Hall, we will then drive along Bingley Way, and park opposite lot no. 241. From there we will walk, with dogs on leads through the Wamboin White Gum Forest Reserve.

All welcome to return to the Wamboin Home Produce Markets following the walk.

Want to know more?

Keep an eye out in local media and community Facebook pages each month for our articles on upcoming events.

To view Greenways maps go to https://www.bywongcommunity.org.au/greenways/maps-and-walks/ and https://kowen-trail-run.com/greenways/.


How to publish newsworthy articles to this site

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