Wamboin Community Association


Stock routes and future road rights of way have long been set aside as public land by governments. Greenways are a way of formally structuring this land.

The Greenways that have been established in Wamboin, however, didn't just happen. They are the result of a lot of lobbying and work by present and former residents and councillors. Insurance, expected by some to be a problem at the time, is catered for by including the Greenways in the land Council insures as parks.

Together with our neighbouring Bywong Community Association, the Wamboin Community Association will continue to work with Palerang Council to increase our network of Greenways. In the mean time, those that have already been established (indicated on the current Wamboin Road Map, available elsewhere on this site, or on the more comprehensive map of the Greenways available from the Bywong Community Association website) are there for all to use and to enjoy as part of our rural lifestyle.